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The Quality of Adolescent Sexual Experiences

Adolescent Sexual Encounters with Animals


Kinsey estimated that approximately 8 percent of the male population in the United States had engaged in sexual contacts with animals at one time or another. Animal contacts are largely confined to farm boys (Kinsey, 1948, p. 174). This form of sexual activity is most common in adolescence and rarely occurs after the twentieth year, although it may continue to provide a significant source of outlet for a very small number of adult males (Ford and Beach, 1951, p. 145-146).

In certain instances, a boy may become strongly attached to a particular animal and develop emotional ties resembling the sexual bonds formed between two human beings. Conversely, an animal that is repeatedly associated in sexual alliance with a human being may become strongly attached to that person. Kinsey states that male dogs that are masturbated regularly sometimes transfer their sexual responsiveness to that person who stimulates them and cease to react to receptive females of their own species.

Among the Masai, it is customary for older boys to have sex relations with the she-asses. Young Riffian boys also sodomize she-asses in the hope of developing themselves sexually and of making the penis grow (Ford and Beach, 1951, p. 147-148). Among the Tswana of Africa, young boys assigned to the care of cattle frequently engage in intercourse with the animals. However, older boys regard this practice as silly, and they may beat any youthful comrade who is caught in the act. Bestiality is familiar to Gusti men and it is considered rather harmless, but boys are reprimanded and warned against this activity. After age sixteen, if a boy is found copulating with an animal, it is taken seriously and is treated as incest or mental disorder.

Ramsey (1943) found that his United States, boys frequently reported that they had been sexually aroused while observing the reproductive anatomy or sexual behavior of animals. Thirty-five out of the 285 boys had engaged in sex play with animals, and one of these admitted copulating with an animal. Judaeo-Christian tradition and the laws that grew out of this tradition prohibit human-animal sexual encounters, but adolescents are not necessarily aware of these proscriptions. In the United States, vaginal coitus is the most common form of sexual encounter between human beings and animals.

I guess I had the normal sex desire of an adolescent boy, but on our isolated farm there was no outlet for its expression. I felt guilty masturbating; there were no girls to date unless one had a car; and I was too religious to make passes anyhow. But there was a barnyard full of domestic animals, and at one time or another I attempted intercourse with at least a cow, a horse, and a chicken!

Alternative avenues of encounters include oral-genital contact (usually involving a nursing animal such as a young calf and a boy or man), anal intercourse, masturbation of the boy or man by friction against the animal's body, fellation of a male animal by the human partner, and masturbation of male animals by a human. On the farm, we used to wean calves by getting them to drink from a pail. We would let the calf suck our fingers while holding them in the pail of milk. Sometimes if I was alone, I would put some of the milk on my erect penis and try to get the calf to suck it instead. It wasn't too satisfactory, however. The calf was too rough.

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